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Hi! Thank you for visiting Smitten’s website! Have fun browsing through our different products, when you find what you are smitten with, put it in your cart and checkout is handled securely by PayPal. Everything ships for $2.50 except for the coasters, which are $6.50 to ship. We’ve been making handmade products our whole lives, but started seriously in 2005 and we went into business in March 2009. We truly hope you are smitten with our products!!!

Featured Products

Smitten Necklaces
A wide assortment of handmade necklaces. I make most everything sitting with my family at the coffee table. Every piece is made lovingly and with great care to ensure the highest quality. I personally guarantee my work. Contact me to make you a custom piece!
Made with 4.25" ceramic tiles and a handcut cork backside to protect your furniture. There are several coats of protective sealant, so these are water-resistant, but not totally water proof. They make great coasters or art!
Scrabble Tiles
These wonderfully unique tile pendants can be customized for you! I can put a picture of your kids, your dog or your favorite sports team logo or cartoon! They can be necklace pendants or rings. I can also turn these into magnets or mini-ornaments free of charge!
Light Switch Covers
We can make these in pretty much any image you can possibly imagine. These are an awesome way to add a little bit of art to your walls, and they are functional!!!
These very cool dominos can accomodate a larger picture and can be hung longways or up and down. Any design can go on them - let me turn your domino dream into reality!
Dictionary Art
My Dictionary Book Art Prints are created from upcycled dictionary pages paired with an illustration, create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art!
Bottle Caps
The latest fad in young funky jewelry - bottle cap art! Choose from a design I currently have or contact Sheila to design a piece of custom bottle cap jewelry just for you or your group! Check out the designs in the Tile Category too!
Charming Charms
Choose from the available charms to make a necklace or bracelet made just for you!!
Bottle Cap Bracelets
A fun way to wear more than just one bottle cap, choose one I have listed, or create your own, choose up to 4 bottle caps!!!
Scrabble Rack Art
These are totally customizable Scrabble Rack Art. I can do nursery room themes, names, nicknames, phrases - up to 9 tiles!! These make cool desk nameplates.
Art Prints
Art Prints with quotes on them.
A wide selection of accessories for the bottle cap, scrabble, dominos, charms and Posh Beads.
Shelicious Bling started with a pair of earrings. We try to offer a huge range of styles of earrings, we can definitely make any style you see here a different color, or a different length! Browse and enjoy!!
Every wrist can be made beautiful by these handmade bracelets!
Sterling Silver Jewelry
View our wide selection of genuine stamped 925 Sterling Silver.
Retail Items
These are beautiful items that go along perfectly with our other items that we were just smitten with. However, we can not take the credit for making them. We think they are super cute and want to pass along the savings and hope that you are just as smitten with them as we are!
See our collection of comics
Custom Work
We love to create custom jewelry pieces! If you can dream it, we can make it! Most of our designs pictured on the website can be custom designed for you, using your favorite colors and design preferences. Costume or fine jewelry - it doesn't matter. We'd love to discuss ideas with you! Indulge yourself... you are worth it!
Repair Work
Do you have a necklace / bracelet/ pair of earrings that you just adore, but it broke? Well let us help! For a small fee, depending on the repair, we can fix pretty much any piece of jewelry. Sometimes it is a small fix and other times, the whole piece may have to be restrung/redone. But, don't let that beautiful piece just sit at the bottom of your jewelry box, bring it to us and let us help!
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